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Customer Service

Screaners = Great Customer Service

While our Screaners wont ultimately be responsible for you finding or purchasing your ideal pre-owned item, they will help to guide you toward making the most informed decision possible.

Our ‘Screaners’ are carefully vetted by Screan, and have the necessary knowledge and skills to inspect a car and help you make a choice on whether to purchase the item or not.

You can think of a Screaner as a trusted, knowledgeable person, like a responsible, qualified relative or friend, who happens to live in the town where your pre-owned item is being sold and is happy to take a look at it for you, so you are better equipped with all the info you need to make a much more confident, informed buying decision.

Better than your cousin in Krugersdorp, a Screaner is an approved independent service provider that offers their services on the Screan platform and knows how to inspect a car using our used car buyer's checklist, and is rated and reviewed by you, the customer.

Great customer service means great reviews and ratings for our Screaners, which will in turn ensure more work for them (so please leave them a great review if you are happy with their work).

Become a screaner

Reliable and Trustworthy

Screan enlists and retains its Screaners using a rigorous vetting process and ranking system, ensuring only the best, most reliable and trustworthy Screaners are able to offer their Screaning services on our platform.

Screaners are required to have solid experience and knowledge in the second hand car industry . Each Screaner comes with an exemplary CV and a good reputation for solid ethical behavior and great customer service.

By using one of our Screaners to check a car for you, you will be making sure that the car actually exists and is what the seller says it is. 

However, please remember, Screan and its Screaners are there to simply help you gather information and are not to be seen or used as decision makers; and while we may be able to negotiate a better price on your behalf for another small optional fee – the final power whether to make that final purchase always ultimately rests with you, the buyer.

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