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Screan Customer FAQs

What is included in my Screaning fee(R695)?

Your Screaner will present you with an objective 60 point checklist of the vehicle, a 2 minute video and some images they think you should see. Adding all of this together will give you a very comprehensive overview. Checklist summary available here.

What happens if I have paid my Screaner engagement fee but then the car I want looked at is no longer available?  

If the vehicle you want Screaned at is no longer available by the time the Screaner is making the viewing appointment with the seller then you, the customer, will get a full refund. However, if the Screaner has arrived at his/her viewing destination and the vehicle, for whatever reason has become unavailable due to circumstances beyond our control, then you will only receive a 50% refund.

If I decide that I want to buy the car the Screaner has checked for me, can I ask the Screaner to negotiate the best price for me?

Absolutely! The Screaner is best placed to negotiate on your behalf. For an additional fee, and after he/she has provided you with a full report on the vehicle, your Screaner can negotiate the best price for you. There are no guarantees, but they will do their best to get you the best price. Once the Screaner has done all the checking and you decide to buy the car, you will be sent a ‘negotiate for me’ notification and you will be able to purchase this additional service from there.

What if the car I am looking to buy is in high demand and I need to get it reviewed as urgently as possible?

We consider every viewing as an urgent matter and a Screaner will not be permitted to take the job if he/she can’t view it at the first available opportunity after the job is received.

What are the operating hours?

As dealerships and private people are not available 24/7, our operating hours are 8am to 6pm daily. This does not mean you can’t buy a service after hours, all it means is that the Screaners can only make viewing appointments after 8 am when most people are at work or ready to receive calls. You can make a purchase on the Screan platform 24/7, though the purchase will be processed between 8am and 6pm, 7 days a week.

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