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Screaner FAQs

How much of the set rates charged to the customer by Screan do I take home?

Screan will take a commission of 25% on all your transactions. You will receive the remaining 75%.

What is the current customer charges for a Screaning and how much of that fee will the Screaner receive?

The current charge for a Screaning is R695.00 so the Screaner will receive R521,25 into their account.

What is the current rate for a Screaner negotiated price and how much will the Screaner receive?

The rate for a Screaner negotiated price is R500 of which the Screaner will receive R375 into their account.

How does the negotiation process work?

Once a Screaner has completed the Screaning process and provided the customer with the checklist and any other necessary info, and if the customer decides that he/she would in fact like to buy the vehicle that has been Screaned, then they will be asked if they would like to buy the service through Screan and once they have confirmed payment, you will be notified and then you can approach the seller and try to get the best price for the customer.

Tip: If the seller is playing hardball and doesn’t want to discount, then at least try to get R500 off the the asking price so that your customer is feels like your fee has not been a burden.

How and when do I get paid for the jobs I have done?

Screan will pay you via EFT into your bank account. All Screaner payments are made within 7 days of completion of the job.

Does Screan take PAYE (tax) from the monies owed to me?

No, as you are not an employee of Screan, all tax responsibilities are your own to sort out as an independent contractor. Screan will pay you the full amount, excluding the 25% commission.

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