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The Circular Economy

Screan is dedicated to operating as sustainably as we possibly can, as well as contributing to the ‘Circular Economy’.

Screan is a Circular Economy Business

The circular economy is based on the principle that humanity needs to break the ‘take-make-waste’ systems of production our society has become so accustomed to, in order to better preserve our natural resources.

The ultimate purpose of the circular economy is to optimise resource yields to recirculate products, components and the basic materials within them as much as possible, thus saving energy, effort and raw resources.

So in short, by buying a used car or any other pre-owned goods through Screan, you are also contributing to a greener and more sustainable world.

How Screan contributes to the Circular Economy:

  • Screan coordinates circular value chains by using data and digital technology.
  • Screan aims to solve the ‘lemon dilemma’. With our help, you have a much better chance of not buying a lemon, but rather a quality pre-owned goods with great resale value.
  • Screan seeks to build trust and confidence in – and ultimately grow – the pre-owned and secondhand goods market.
1% for the Planet