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Non-Commercial Trailer Screan (Independent Service)

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We inspect and assess the following types of non-commercial trailers, up to a maximum load bearing weight of 3500kg:

- Box trailers (e.g. Venter trailers)

- Open utility trailers (e.g. flat bed or frame side trailers)

- Purpose-built trailers (e.g. car, bike, or tanker trailers)

- Recreational trailers (e.g. camping trailers)

To book your independent, comprehensive Non-Commercial Trailer Screan service, provide us with the vehicle’s location and the seller’s contact details, or a link to the online advert, below.

Please note that areas marked with an * may incur additional travel fees.

Once your Non-Commercial Trailer Screan is booked, you’ll receive email updates every step of the way. You’ll receive your detailed buyer’s report within 2 hours of the vehicle inspection.

An expert Screaner will contact the seller, make the viewing appointment, and personally inspect the trailer.

You’ll be kept up to date via email every step of the way.

Within two hours of the inspection, you’ll receive a detailed, unbiased buyer’s report based on our used trailer checklist and hi-res 360° walkaround imagery.

Please note that we currently only Screan non-commercial trailers.

We have expert Screaners in all major cities across South Africa. Bookings in outlying areas may incur an additional travel fee. Get a quote for additional travel to your location here. In the unlikely event that we can’t get a Screaner to the  trailer’s location, we will refund you 100% of your booking fee.

Click here to see where our Screaners are located.

If you make full payment but the item you want Screaned is no longer available by the time the Screaner makes the viewing appointment with the seller, you will get a full refund.

If you make full payment and the Screaner makes contact with the seller, but before the Screaner has gone to view the item, the Screaner uses his/her years of experience in the industry to determine that this is a dodgy deal or scam, the Screaner decides that you, the customer, should walk away because you are going to get taken for a ride (not a nice ride). If in this instance, the Screaner has made that determination without travelling to inspect the item, then you are entitled to a 30% refund of the full payment.

If you make full payment and the Screaner arrives at his or her viewing destination and the item for whatever reason has become unavailable, due to circumstances beyond the Screaner’s control, then you will receive no refund.

All refund requests must be made via email and sent to

Refunds will be made via our payment gateway (Payfast) onto the card that was used to make the purchase. Failing that, we will EFT your refund into your designated bank account.

"Super efficient and thorough service, communication was good and constantly updated during my interaction with Screan."

Swain Murry

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