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Become a Screaner

Screan is a new, innovative service that seeks to contribute to and grow the pre-owned market in South Africa, and provide professionals within the pre owned car industry an opportunity to supplement their incomes.We want to enable as many individuals as we can to add to their income – or even to potentially become financially independent.

We are looking for Screaners in all cities and towns around South Africa. Wherever cars are sold.

As a Screaner, you visit the seller of a pre-owned item to assess its condition according to our guidelines and use this and your expert opinion to provide our customers feedback on whether it is worth the price they are asking.

Become a Screaner

"Writing this short message as one happy Screaner myself , I'm very happy about the professionalism on this team.I've done my first Screaner task I was told the client was very satisfied.  I'm also happy I got paid on time”
Ronald Nkonjwa, Johannesburg

For example, when inspecting used a car you will refer to our used car buyer’s checklist to assess its condition and worth.

Then you will fill in the checklist, record a short video, take a few relevant images and submit it to the customer, who makes their own informed decision as to whether they want to purchase the 2nd hand car or not.

Screan’s role is simply as a facilitator, connecting the customer through digital technology, to the service provider, much like any other modern Internet service company.

What sets Screan apart is that our Screaners receive the vast majority of each Screan client booking.

If this sounds good to you, read on.

So you want to be a Screaner?

Are you:

A car fundi – a seasoned car pro that has a bit of extra time to do a Screaning from time to time.

People-friendly, well-presented, articulate, reliable and trustworthy, with a good credit rating and no criminal record?

Highly-knowledgeable about or have proven experience working with any lines of popular pre-owned products or goods, such as 2nd hand cars?

Keen to earn money assessing motor vehicles on behalf of Screan customers and reporting back to them on their overall condition?

Happy to possibly make a decent extra whack of change every month doing exactly that?

If you have answered yes to all of these questions, then you have come to the right place.

But wait, what is the catch?

There is no catch, Screan is legit. We work on a system where each customer rates their Screaner’s service based on a simple set of criteria and the top ranked Screaners receive first option on Screaning bookings.

The better service you provide within our guidelines, the more Screaning you can do and the more money you can make. Easy.

Will I earn enough to make it worth my while?

If you are a great Screaner, then yes. As a top rated Screaner, you will take home 75% of each Screan booking, which means a great opportunity for you to earn extra money or even work full time as a Screaner.

Can I trust Screan?

Of course, Screan is owned and operated by Cape Town entrepreneur Mike Schlebach and his team. Our ethos is to stimulate the circular economy and provide employment opportunities for hardworking South Africans of all backgrounds who deserve a chance to put food on the table.

It is in our best interests to build a community of reliable Screaners who build a reputation as the best in the business – and as a great Screaner you are our most valuable asset.

“At last, a legitimate, professional approach to overcoming the perils of used car buying. I wish this existed years ago, it would have saved me some serious headaches.The idea is that your potential future car gets test driven, thoroughly checked, and you get the report. This takes the guess work out of long distance car buying.
I have now become a Screaner since I own two car workshops that are RMI 5 star graded. The check is comprehensive and we check every part and function of the vehicle.
If you want to buy a used car and you want to take the guesswork out of the process, get a professional car guy to inspect the car, get a Screaner.”
– Adam Macdonald, Owner – Car Service City Port Elizabeth/Queberha.

I’m in. What do you need from me?

To become a Screaner you need to be a qualified motor mechanic, experienced car salesperson or someone who is otherwise knowledgeable enough to assess a pre-owned motor vehicle with authority.

If you provide all of the above, you will be able to join the Screan team, become a Screaner and earn extra income for your hard-earned skills.

Easy. Click the link below to begin your application process.

Become a Screaner

“As a Screaner for Screan, I think the concept that has been put together and implemented is a really good one. 95% of buyers of second hand car don’t know much about cars or the mechanics of them. Screan is definitely providing a great service at affordable rates. For me personally I am glad to be a Screaner for Screan because it gives me pleasure to help people that normally would have to rely on the word of the seller that the vehicle is in good condition. We all know that there are unscrupulous and devious people out there that will take others for a ride, that’s why it’s important to have a service like this. The platform that Screan has put together is very simple, user friendly and easy to use. Its nice to know that we as Screaners are paid by Screan on time for a good service rendered.”
– Darren Gott, Cape Town


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