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Who we are

About Screan

Screan is an innovative new digital platform that connects people who are looking to buy second hand cars with suitable people that can vet and check them for them.

Our Screaners will assess  a used car on your behalf for an affordable fee.

Should you be unable to physically view the car due to knowledge, time, cost, safety or distance – for example a 2nd hand car in another city – or for any other reason, one of our Screaners, can do it for you.

Let’s say you are looking to buy a used car from an online listing that matches the make, model, colour and price you want, but it is in another location too far or expensive for you to travel to, or it might be an area you do not feel secure going to or just just don't have all the required knowledge.....In such a case, our innovative and unique ‘Screaning’ service is designed to be an invaluable service for you.

Screan is also a far safer option for those who might be concerned about their personal safety or worried about contracting Covid-19 while viewing a product at home or other location with a seller they have never met.

Again, and on your behalf, our Screaners will make provision for smart, safe and secure viewings and will happily take on these risks for you.

How Screan Works

A word from our founder, Mike Schlebach

I started Screan because it solves a problem I have always had when trying to buy a pre-owned car and I loved the idea of being able to shop for a second hand vehicle nationwide from anywhere.

Buying a pre-owned car can be frustrating, time consuming and costly, so the idea of developing a platform and a service that helps every second hand car purchaser to alleviate or eliminate those pains, gives me great comfort.

As we will also soon expand our service to other pre-owned categories, it is rewarding to know that many hundreds and eventually thousands of people, our Screaners, will be able to earn an income by offering a much needed service on a product they know a great deal about.

I am also a big fan of our natural world so Screan’s founding concept of sustainability – reducing waste by re-utilising existing products rather than discarding them and buying new ones – is of great environmental significance and another personal motivation to launch the platform.

The Screaners and I look forward to being of service to you!

Mike Schlebach, Founder, Screan

1% for the Planet