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About Us

Screan [skreen] noun: the process of getting high-value used goods thoroughly checked over by an independent expert before you buy; second-hand car buyer’s best friend; used car shark’s worst nightmare.

verb: ‘to Screan sth’, inspect with a fine-toothed comb; check under the hood; put sth through its paces; separate the gems from the jalopies.

Screaner [skree-ner] noun: a knowledgeable, unbiased expert armed with a thorough used-goods checklist and a quality camera; second-hand car inspection ninja.

Screan is an innovative digital platform that connects prospective used car buyers with second-hand car inspection experts.

Screan is for you if…

  • You don’t have the knowledge or expertise to properly inspect a used vehicle;
  • You’re interested in a particular vehicle, but it’s located in a different city so you can’t physically view it yourself;
  • You aren’t comfortable meeting an unknown seller in an unfamiliar location to check out a potential vehicle.

Our Screaners are second-hand car inspection pros, situated in all of South Africa’s major cities. Our Screaners also inspect second-hand caravans, trailers, leisure boats, and vintage cars.

Mike Schlebach

Screan Founder


I started Screan because it solves a problem I have always had when trying to buy a pre-owned car situated in a different province. I loved the idea of being able to shop for a second-hand vehicle nationwide, from anywhere.

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