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About Screaners

What makes a Screaner a Screaner

A Screaner is a carefully vetted and trusted independent service provider that offers their services on the Screan platform.

Each Screaner is highly knowledgable about the pre-owned product you are looking to buy and understands, for example, how to inspect a used car using Screan's used car buyer's checklist.

You can think of a Screaner as a trusted, knowledgeable person, like a responsible relative or friend, who happens to live in the town where your pre-owned item is being sold and is happy to take a look at it for you.

But better than your cousin in Kraaifontein, a Screaner is an approved independent service provider that offers their services on the Screan platform and is rated and reviewed by you, the customer.

For the best Screaners, offering a great customer service means more great reviews and ratings for them, which will in turn ensure more work as their Screaner ranking improves.

Before anyone is permitted to become a Screaner on our platform, we check them thoroughly and that they are who they say they are, are responsible and make sure they have no criminal background.

The top Screaners are equipped with the required product experience, an exemplary CV and a great reputation for solid ethical behaviour and the best customer service.

Armed with their knowledge and a long checklist, they will assess your potential new vehicle, from tyres to rooftop.

All of our Screaners offer a unique, world-class service at an affordable price, guaranteed.

Become a Screaner
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