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Use Screan's used car inspection service to grow your dealership

Grow your dealershipScreaners are knowledgeable, reliable, independent second-hand car experts. Using a comprehensive 60-point checklist and a camera, they inspect used vehicles and compile detailed buyer’s reports designed to empower prospective buyers to make informed purchase decisions.

By providing an independent second-hand car inspection service via our platform, Screan benefits used car dealerships in two ways:

Use Screan to source quality used vehicles to sell on your lot.

As a dealer, you can use Screan to vet vehicles you’re interested in selling on your lot. Your Screaner is your secret weapon for finding the high-quality, in-demand used cars that your customers are looking for.

Screan enables customers from all over the country to buy cars from you.

One of the great benefits of using Screan is the ability to assess and buy second-hand cars from anywhere in the country — even when you can’t be there in person yourself. This means that Screan opens up your customer base, enabling anyone, from anywhere, to assess and buy a car from you.

The bottom line? Screan is dedicated to making a positive impact by growing the second-hand goods market and empowering buyers to make confident, informed choices.

Get 10% off every fifth Screan you book!

As a car dealer, you’re entitled to a 10% discount on every fifth Screan you book. Drop us an email on to find out more.

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