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How Screan works

Screan is an innovative and incredibly easy-to-use and risk-free way of inspecting a used car that completely removes the effort, hassle and admin around viewing pre-owned goods from you, the prospective buyer. 

Armed with our 60-point used car buyer's checklist (summary available here) and a camera, our Screaners know how to inspect a used car thoroughly.

Through our platform you can then make an informed decision, by simply relying on the feedback from your designated Screaner, on whether you want to buy a used car from the comfort of your own home – or the beach, wherever you feel most at ease.

For a small additional fee your Screaner can also help you to negotiate a better price on your vehicle (read more about Screaners here). Either way, you simply book your Screaner and receive their report, easy.

Our 4 Step Process

The Screan 4 step process

Using the Screan platform involves a simple four step process.

  1. SELECT where your vehicle is being sold. First you must provide Screan with the location of the vehicle you would like Screan to examine and book a Screaning on our platform by entering the vehicle address, advert link and seller contact details.

  2. PAY safely online. Your payment transaction will then be processed through Payfast, our safe, established and reliable payment gateway on the Screan platform. Once the payment is made, your Screan booking will be confirmed.

  3. GET your car Screaned. One of our trusted Screaners will then make an appointment* with the seller and view the 2nd hand car. They will examine the vehicle according to a strict used car buyer's checklist of up to more than 60 separate points, including service history and a detailed assessment of the vehicle’s exterior, interior and and a mechanical car inspection.

  4. BUY SMART. Your Screaner will then submit their report to you. The final report includes the 60 point checklist, 2 minute video and some images. Remember that they will not make a recommendation of any sort, but simply present the state of the vehicle as they have assessed it according to the Screan's 60 point checklist. Either way, you will be able to rest easy in the knowledge that your Screaner has provided you with the best assessment you can get, besides physically inspecting a used car yourself.

It is up to you to decide based on this information whether you would like to make a purchase, or if you require your Screaner to negotiate with the seller on your behalf, for a small additional cost.**

* Depending on Screaner availability in your desired location, Screan can offer a same day service.

** If you decide you wish to purchase the vehicle once you have checked your report, but want to book your Screaner to negotiate a better price on your behalf, you will have to return to the payment gateway to make a separate booking and payment for that additional service. Once the Screaner has done all the checking and you decide to buy the car, you will be sent a ‘negotiate for me’ notification and you will be able to purchase this additional service from there.

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