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Are you interested in checking out a vehicle from

Book a Screaning in 4 easy steps:

Our 4 step process

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1. Select your location

Select the location and enter the details of the vehicle being sold that you would like Screan to assess, including the address of the seller, advert link and seller contact details.

2. Pay safely online

Complete the transaction through our secure platform, using our safe and reliable payment gateway.

3. Get your car Screaned

One of our trusted Screaners will then meet with the seller and conduct their assessment of the vehicle.

4. Buy Smart

Your Screaner will present you with an objective 60 point checklist of the vehicle and a series of 360° walk around high res images. Checklist summary available here.

It is up to you to decide based on this information whether you would like to make a purchase or not.

Remember also that:

  • The choice to purchase the vehicle is yours.
  • Depending on Screaner availability in your desired location, Screan can offer a same day service.
  • If you decide you wish to purchase the vehicle once you have checked your report, you can book your Screaner to negotiate a better price on your behalf for a small additional fee.
  • We are real people, keen to help others and happy to answer your questions or address any of your concerns as soon as possible.
How Screan works

The benefits of using Screan:

  • Screan is a really easy-to-use digital platform.
  • Screan is crime-safe, as there are no customer in-person meetings.
  • Screan is also Covid-19 friendly, as you can make your booking and receive your report from the comfort of your home.
  • Screan's platform is secure as we use Payfast, an established, legitimate payment gateway.
  • You will be kept updated every step of the way by Screan via email or Whatsapp.
  • Screan is fast, secure – and easy.
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