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South Africa’s Most Visited Used Car Websites

South Africa’s Most Visited Used Car Websites

Are you looking for a used car online? Often this can be a laborious, drawn out process, starting with a search for trustworthy websites! Screan ‘Googled’ and checked out several of South Africa’s most popular 2nd hand car websites, to save you some valuable time and try and eliminate the risk often associated with Used Cars. We utilised Google and HelloPeter Reviews to help us!

South Africa’s most popular and trusted used car websites are as follows

CHANGECARS is the notable player in the online car space! They have a huge presence and their recipe for success is clear! With over 700 5- Star rated dealerships

CHANGECARS offers users of the site a safe and ultra user friendly platform. Trusted by buyers and sellers alike it is fast becoming South Africa’s most popular and trusted used car website.  Whether looking for new or used cars CHANGECARS has it all. With 35 000 vehicles on offer you are sure to find what you are looking for! They have a 5 Star Rating on both Google and HelloPeter.

AutoTrader is a used car website that offers prospective car buyers a wide range of options when searching for a pre-owned vehicle. You can search for cars across all vehicle categories. With volume there is always risk and it is accepted in the Motor Industry that this site attracts unscrupulous sellers who see an opportunity to advertise on such a well known and visited platform! This site averages less than 2 Stars on HelloPeter also offers a wide range of vehicles, which are also numbered by region (unsurprisingly Gauteng comes first). Like AutoTrader, the make and model search functionality is combined, and you can easily search for and browse for any kind of vehicle available on this site. The site has a HelloPeter rating of 2.7 Stars

Car Magazine is another well-known brand in the automotive industry in South Africa. As a long-established print publication, there is a wealth of car-related content on their site and while we are sure their web traffic is skewed by people simply browsing their articles, they do feature more than 7,500 cars. As a well known name in the business one would expect only the best vehicles on the site. Reality is very different and a search of the site using the Low to High Price function will show that there are a large percentage of vehicles on the site that are not what one would expect. The site has a rating of 2.6 Stars on HelloPeter

We Buy Cars! With a legacy in the used car game that started in 2001 as a family business and eventually became We Buy Cars, as the name suggests, this website specialises in purchasing second hand vehicles. However the site also naturally offers used cars for sale, with more than 5,000 cars listed, including a section called ‘New Arrival Auction’ for newish vehicles with low mileage that users can bid for online. A visit to HelloPeter  will show a client base that has repeatedly raised concerns about the quality of certain vehicles.

If not sure of the quality of a vehicle you are interested in Screan it- It’s what smart people do

Surf4Cars Offering under 10,000 used vehicles countrywide! Vehicles are accessed either by typing in your ideal make and model etc, it allows you to search for your next vehicle by clicking on either the make, body type, region or body type, or using a different kind of click and search function, which is found by scrolling down to the bottom of the home page. They also offer a handy directory of car dealerships nationwide, searchable by province, including the vehicles on offer at each. The site has a 1 Star Rating on HelloPeter


When purchasing any vehicle in South Africa, by law a Road Worthy Certificate is required.

At face value this is “all the protection the buyer needs”

Reality is far different from theory and this is where an independent, unbiased and truly objective service comes into its own.

Simply put a Road Worthy Certificate in 99% of instances is arranged by the Seller/Dealership and is paid for by them.

It stands to reason that there is a less than thorough examination of the vehicle.

How to check a car before buying in South Africa?

Screan it…. It’s what smart people do! There is a way to make sure you don’t get scammed. Screan it. There is a way to get an independent vehicle check. Screan it. There is a way to get an opinion on the Dealership you buying from. Screan it

Screan is the number one independent vehicle inspection service in SA and we are proud of that.

Questions you are asking about vehicle inspections

 Can I ask a Dealer or Dealership to have the vehicle independently inspected! Yes you can and Screan is one such company.

Best Place to have a used or second hand car, bakkie, Suv, Boat, Caravan or Motorbike inspected. Screan – It’s what smart people do.

Can I Trust a Dekra Report. Why only settle for one assessment! Screan IT- It is what smart people do.

Who does vehicle inspections beside Roadworthy Centres! Screan Do visit us on

Who is the number one, most trustworthy, reliable, dependable and cost effective independent vehicle inspection service in Gauteng, Limpopo, Mpumalanga, Western Cape, North West, Eastern Cape, Freestate, KZN and North West Province! Screan on

 Besides the AA and Dekra who else can offer a vehicle inspection service! Screan on

Why is Screan recommended so highly. Screan work with exceptional, knowledgeable trust worthy personal and that is why Screan is South Africa’s most trusted independent vehicle screening service!

Found a vehicle you would like us to check out for you? Book a Screaning here.

- Article by Masterson Communications.


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