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Meet Screaner: Gary Keevy

This week we caught up with one of our Cape Town Screaners, Gary Keevy. Gary knows cars inside-out; apart from being extremely knowledgeable about the South African used car market, he has an eagle eye for vehicle faults and an unerring ability to gauge whether a vehicle is selling at the right price or not.

Howzit, Gary?

Can’t complain!

Where are you based and what area do you cover for Screan?

I’m based in Tableview and I cover the Cape Town area.

What’s your experience working in the car industry?

I’ve been a salesperson for the majority of my time in the car industry, which is where I gained my knowledge on how to assess and evaluate cars. I can inspect a car and ascertain what damage has been done and how it’s been repaired. I’m hands-on and mechanically minded, so I can tell you if the motor isn’t in good condition or if the gearbox needs to be repaired, for instance. So basically I can give you a breakdown of what needs to be repaired and a guideline as to what sort of numbers you’re going to be looking at when you start costing for those repairs. I’m looking at vehicles on a daily basis, which keeps me on my toes with regards to what the standards are like out there and what various cars are currently selling for.

What do you think is the biggest mistake people make when buying a used vehicle?

People generally go in very blind. They do their shopping online to narrow it down and then get their heart set on a certain car. When they look at it, they say, okay, this is the GTI that I really, really want, and they’re so keen on getting into their new car that they don’t look at the bigger picture or ask the seller or dealer the right questions. Buyers need to do their homework.

Do you think Screan helps buyers avoid those pitfalls?

Yes, and that’s what I enjoy about working with Screan. We’re able to give guys out there peace of mind that they’re buying the right car, at the right price. The Screan process is really fantastic.

In your opinion, what’s a great value-for-money vehicle widely available on the South African used car market for your average family of four?

A number of vehicles spring to mind, but the most common one is your VW Polo. They’re very popular cars, there are so many available and they get sold on a regular basis. Then I’d say your Ford EcoSport is also quite a nice little car as well. It’s a moderate-sized car for a family of four, with all the fancy bits you need, and space in the back for loading up the kids’ stuff too. The Toyota Urban Cruisers are also very nice.

What’s your ultimate dream car?

I’m an outdoors person and I like getting out into the bush. I ride off-road bikes, I surf, so for me it’s going to be a double cab, and it’s going to be the Ford Wildtrak. They’re amazing motorcars, and I’ve been a Ford lover for many years, following suit from my dad.

What’s on your bucket list?

I would really like to kit out a nice off-road vehicle with all the stuff you need — tent, fridge, and so on — so I can get out into the bush and stay out there for a couple of weeks, completely self-sufficient.

Thanks, Gary. Have a good one!


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