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What's On The Screaner Checklist

Here is a small sample of the questions our Screaners ask and items they check for – using Screan's 60-point used car buyer's checklist – when assessing a pre-owned motor vehicle on your behalf.

Screaner checking client car

Questions for the vehicle seller:

  • Obtain the certificate of registration and check against the license disk and VIN number.
  • Does the vehicle have a service record and book?
  • How many people previously owned this car?
  • Has it been in any accidents or had any major repairs?
  • Who owns it – the bank or seller?
  • Does the vehicle have any valid warranties or guarantees? Will it be sold with roadworthy and registration?

Vehicle Exterior

  • Accident damage, exterior panel alignment, whether doors close properly etc.
  • Rust, rust cover ups or mismatched paint.
  • Tyre brand, size, wear and condition of the spare and whether it is inflated. Suspension, leaking shock absorbers, leaks under the vehicle etc.
  • Unusual marks on the bottom of the car, loose parts or brackets etc.
  • Condition of the exhaust (smoky exhaust, rust, holes, loose brackets) etc.

Vehicle Engine

  • Oil level, signs of water in the oil or on the dipstick or other signs of oil or water leaks etc.
  • Whether the engine is dirty / oily and if the petrol engine oil is clear or black etc.
  • Whether the engine smells strange or there are signs of it getting too hot while running.
  • Whether there are any strange noises or whether any dashboard lights turn on when the engine is running.
  • Whether there are any obvious missing parts, or does the engine hesitate when the accelerator is pressed etc.

Your Screaner will also conduct a mechanical car inspection, as well as thoroughly examine the 2nd hand car's transmission (manual or automatic), brakes, suspension, electrics and vehicle interior etc. For four wheel drive vehicles this includes a thorough assessment of the condition of the mechanics unique to these vehicles.

After inspecting the used car, our Screaner will then provide you with their detailed report and 360° walk around imagery.

Our Screaners are always willing to literally go the extra mile for you, and will also be available via the Screan platform to answer any specific questions you might have about the vehicle that have not been addressed in their report. 

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